Because it sounds like awesomeness!! Totally in line with what I wish to invest in and spend my time in the future :) Possibly good idea having a more permanent place to come back to every now and then. I've also enjoyed the community a lot!

I am looking at buying a place in Bulgaria to live from part of the year anyway. This would meet that desire and automatically come with support renting the place out when I’m not there.

I love Bulgaria and I love what Matthias has done with his coworking business in Bansko. I love the DN community & the co-living concept

  1. I think the project has a good chance of being commercially successful
  2. I love the mountain, quiet and remote places in nature.

I was in Bansko and I really like what has been created there. I have ties to Bulgaria and want to potentially invest there. I think the country has a lot of potential. I work remotely myself, so it's an investment in something that I appreciate.

I love the community of a coliving house

I think the idea is great and it is something I can potentially assist with running it in the long term.

I am currently working IBM, but have a history of digital nomad lifestyle for a few years. I am thinking of this both as an investment for renting out, and as a potential retreat place for myself.

Overall it seems it is providing a good value proposition. I would only consider a property which can be rented out, which has a balcony, and would bring a yearly good profit after cutting down taxes, maintenance and utility costs.

Seems like a very interesting project with great future prospects

Great idea! Would be happy to partner up and support if you need more help.

Great idea if you can sell it

I believe in Matthias's ability to build a community and drive new people to this location. I would see this more as an investment, but a good way to have a place in a beautiful country. I would be curious to see a more detailed time line, as well as a more outlined plan for how Matthias would split time between Bansko and Semkovo

I’ve been a remote worker for 18 years and am currently nomading about 4-6 months a year. I’m looking for unique coliving opportunities and have watched Matthias grow Bansko as a destination over the past several years so am intrigued with this new possibility. I like the idea about a community driven project. That is why I was part of the Coliving Bansko project. This one looks quite out of the box, but intriguing, so why not :)

Sounds like an interesting experience. Co- funding seems interesting There are several reasons... having a homebase while traveling, living together in a community of like-minded people. Of course, investment and future returns and earnings. Being part of something bigger. Etc. Love the idea of the community. Matthias, I love what you are trying to accomplish. Something I always wanted to pull off but did not have the chutzpah. I'm so glad that we met at Coworking Europe and Africa (Cape Town). Sounds interesting I already own studio in Bansko but would like to be part of a community that will be able to rent out property

great idea and beutiful place

I spent the summer at (Coworking) Bansko and really loved it, especially the community that Matthias has created. Having an affordable base in Europe is part of my long-term plan and I’m excited about the idea of coliving - as life goes much better when you’re surrounded by interesting positive people :-) It sounds like something that could work. Personally, I'm currently without residence and already had an eye on Bulgaria. I don't want to stop traveling but would like to have a place of my own where I can come back to once in a while and rent out without any problems when I'm not there. I am well acquainted with the former entrepreneurial projects of Mathias and believe in the potential of the region. Interesting project. There oughta be cool wildlife around. Also, potential to launch wildlife-related businesses that appeal to the nomad community there is very appealing I like it. I always wanted to be part of a nomad community and currently am looking into buying small bases in places I love or I can meet other nomads. This sounds perfect. I like BG My girlfriend is from Bulgaria. I love the country and love the idea of owning part of a project that helps developing the entrepreneurial infrastructure! I love co-working Bansko and I'm sure this project from Matthias is a big opportunity for profit and to have fun ! Use it and rent it out lol My work is location-independent (freelance translator) and I have experience with real estate. I have been a digital nomad for a bit and I would be happy to help fund this project and own an apartment to use personally and rent out. I have been in Bankso in the summer and loved it. I would love to have a base to own to stay some part of the year in a community and rent out the rest of if Love the idea of bringing life to a place like this, that had so much to offer many years ago. I’m sad to see building in such gorgeous location fall apart. Love the initiative, passion & vision Matthias has to do something beneficial for the community and Bulgaria. It looks like a good investment opportunity. I'm a digital nomad with Bulgarian roots that grew up in North America. I am excited about being part of this dynamic environment. Sounds like exactly what I was looking for. Love the idea and already have a business in Sofia and this setup looks amazing. I believe, and am experienced, in the idea of co-living. I believe in Matthias's ability to execute big dreams. As a nomad I'd like to have a base in the world. I'd like to have a profitable real estate investment. I believe in the coliving idea and also just for the fun of it :) Sounds like an awesome project with great potential, I have much faith and love for rural coliving projects I have been looking for these kinds of opportunities, for a while. Ideally I would love to have a unit for me and my partner, but also might get a group of people that want to buy a few units together (and maybe some common space as well).

I am one of the founding members of the Flemish Balkan Business Club, so this could be an interesting project for connecting foreign companies to Bulgaria.

I liked the Bansko cowork project and I've been looking for an opportunity to invest in real estate in Europe Community. Coliving is life I am currently living in Sarafovo but I am looking for a more quiet place (especially in summer). Over the last 25 years I've been mainly working as a journalist in the diving industry (employed and freelance) and now I am working as an author on various projects. That's why I need a quiet place to live and work. Another cool Mathias project. I want to see this one come to fruition! Could be fun to live there Interested in coliving, investing and Bulgaria. I lived in Bangkok for 3 months I met Matthias in a Nomad Cruise a couple of years ago, I have been following his project Coloving in Bansko, and I really like his spirit, I would love to own tiny a part of this project. I haven't been to this part of Bulgaria too, and this could be a good excuse to plan a trip. Since I can't be at Coworking Bansko, I want to at least participate here right at the start. We are a couple moving from USA to Bulgaria after January 2023. Our three adult children are all Bulgarian/US dual citizens I am a digital nomad that loves the concept of co-living spaces around the world - that are affordable and social with beautiful nature around it. I think a place like this would be a great investment and an amazing place I can visit for a couple of month a year. This project provides an interesting mix of countryside living but with a professional workspace and social opportunities, components which normally exclude one another. There is vision and space to develop and I think there is an opportunity to create something good. I have followed this group for a while, intend to spend some time each year in Bulgaria working remotely. I would love to have to option to co-living in nature. This place looks beautiful. like a place I would love to be part of. I heard about this project from a friend and I think lovely people are going to be part :) my boyfriend is a chef and an artist and a builder! he would love to talk to you and hopefully work together. So this is another motivation . He is currently studying organic farming, permaculture, natural architecture, alternative energy. We would love to have a zoom call with you, thanks and good luck :)