This FAQ reflects the current thinking about many aspects of the project and the information that we have about the state of the building. This thinking will evolve and answers will change as we learn more about the building and the needs of the community. Estimates will change as they get more detailed and we get quotes for specific works. So please check back often. Once we move into the apartment reservation phase we will lock down all content so that at that point it is clear what you will actually buy.

How can we attract people to a place that is very remote and doesn’t have much else around except nature?

Why the community ownership model for Coliving Semkovo?

How big are the different units?

Do the units come with storage? Can I receive mail?

What will it look like?

We will get some interior design suggestion for units as well as communal areas and also get inspired by great coliving and coworking design concepts from around the world.

More design inspiration on Pinterest

More design inspiration on Pinterest

We will aim for a similar modern design that people expect from a leading coliving space.

When I pick a specific floorplan / unit?

When will the payments be due?